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Natasha Lloyd
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Thursday, July 16, 2009

I like this town

yesterday marked one month of being graduated. (i think...) im probably wrong.

anyway, I have now booked 2 commercials. The first was unpaid and speculative. The second is paid. and airing. and films tomorrow! I have booked 2 music videos (unfortunately could only film one cuz a shoot went over. But I got paid (well i might add) and Im a lead in it. and its a band i like... so look for it! the song is called "Beatbox" and its by The Sounds. I also got a lead in a play here in Hollywood and got a lead ina new indy that starts next week. I am also planning on meeting with producers for a hosting gig on the style channel (but Im debating that cuz of the buyout) and Im now officially part of 2 promo moeling groups that get paid to wear certain clothes and go to bars. this is a good thing. But Im not allowed to 1.- get drunk, or 2.- go home with anyone, or 3.- go to the bathroom without a buddy. lolz. I have yet to sign with a theatrical agent, cuz i honestly cant decide. and Im gunna give it a bit more time, cuz Im getting new headhsots in 9 days (for free! God Bless promo videos.)

Ok, I dont know who reads these things, but maybe one day I'll come back and look at it and be like... wow- good month, tash.

Oh yeah, and Ashton Kutcher is following me on twitter. still. Hes written me twice. That may be the coolest thing thats happened to me.

Im still waiting to hear about a pilot thats all improv. a la The Office. Hope that works out. Other than that Im stoked for my shoot tomorrow and to start rehearsing this wekend for my play!

Very Busy. Very fulfilled. Very Surprised. and thanks to today's dentist visit, very numb.

Over 'n Out.

Sunday, July 5, 2009


updates schmupdates. now i wanta cupcake.

so i filmed my first commercial. speculative only. but for a superbowl spot for - which is radical. Im filming 2 (count em) music videos on monday. one is a rap video in which i dance in a bikini- gotta love that college education. The second is awesome though. Its for a band i really like called the sounds. The song is "beatbox" and i get to beatbox in the intro and be one of a few actors throughout the video who "create the sounds" of the song... or something. either way im getting paid and its gunna be awesome. The just played letterman, and i think this song is gunna be pretty big cuz it is so freakin catchy. yes. also have two auditons for tuesday. wednesday is open but i might be disneylanding it on thurs, friends b-day on friday, and clubbing on sat. now all i need is the money for said adventures...

oh, and also very cool- im getting $550 headshots for free for doing a promo video for the photographer. well, techinically theyre 450, but the makeup is $100. Im so stoked, i just get to do the shoot with someone filming me then i get interviewd about working with the photographer. easy. as. pie. and i must say this woman is AWESOME. allow me to namedrop tracy birdsell to anyone looking for new shots.

also, i officially weigh the least i have in 6 years. holy crap. eating tons, but working out an hour a day. oddly enough- its one of my favorite parts of my day. and get this... i lost my mp3 player and have been doing it sans music for two weeks and im loving it. weird. sure do hope this phase doesnt pass me by. but in all reality ive been on this "excercise kick" since the end of february... so its been almost five months. damn. since summer of two years ago- I have lost 28lbs. aw hell yes. now i dont know if i spelled february right. how come this blog doesnt have spellcheck?

ya know whats weird. i dont miss school. like, maybe a teensy bit only. a few people, a few oppurtunities, a few places. but i mean, this freedom is AWESOME. My wings were so ready for flight. im loving meeting new people, exploring this city, being a professional actor. i even bought secondhand jeans on melrose two days ago. i mean, how official can i be...? ...someone please punch me for writing that.

ok, happy end-of-july-fourth everyone. im going to bed.

peace, love and twitter.

(and another punch)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

When the smoke clears...


Ok, so I guess THAT happened.

So many people, not enough sunscreen...

But now that I have my coveted BFA (and I gotta say it felt awesome standing and receiving it with a whopping 16 people) its time to get this engine revved and on its way.

Step one - a showcasae.


Step two - Meetings.


So far I've been on five, Id say 3 or 4 have def. offered representation. Of course its the 1 that hasnt that gets me buggin, but thats human nature. I still have 3 more meetings next week, then I'll follow up on the ones that havent gotten back to me, then get some advice, then finish signing!

Step three - signing.


Well- half check. I have my commercial agent (who Im VERY excited about about. I need to decide on a good theatrical choice though, and my gut isnt pushing me as hard with this one. google time?)

Step four - Web stuff


Im now up and running on la casting, actors access and frontier casting. I need to get my casting now account going though. Oh- yes- and twitter. I joined yesterday. now whos the big winner?

Step five - organzing my business.


Just spent my grad money on 2 great audition outfits. SO hard not to wear them but they are hanging in my closet ever-so-patiently. Need goood audition bag, though. And new black flats! STILL dont have good personalized stationary for follow-ups/thank yous, and I need my 4x6's into KSR by the end of this week, which means I have 2 more days to order them off of reproductions. Sweet Jesus, this stuff adds up fast.

And least my cell phone bill is paid.

Oh yeah, and theater?


Auditioned for theatricians bnobrauchenbergamerica <-- spelling? last night, Felt good about it. Fun process, great food, real talented people. Would love to be in the show, but Id say I gotta 30% chance or so at this point. And thats ok, cuz Im probably doing another show, too! Jason Narvy gave me a call and asken me to play Margaret and an adaptation combining all of the Henry vi's. It would be rehearsed/performed in T.O. um, yes please? I'll keep u updated on that one, too.

SO I guess lifes pretty sweet right now. I always thought the week after I graduated college would be filled with pay-per-view, munchies, and a lot of soul-searching. But instead its been meetings, driving, and lotsa wondering. wait- does this mean im an actor now?

(runs to get morning coffee)

Monday, March 9, 2009

theater, agents, life.

so im back in the acting swing with auditions and callbacks, and tonight even more callbacks. For my last quarter/season here we're doing "La Ninera"- and it is what it sounds like- a latin play. yet somehow ive managed to get a few callbacks. Not feeling to confident about this one, folks. I want in, but its ok if it dont because ravet ball wrote one hellofa play i'd love to try out. and if that doesnt work out, who wouldnt want to do an 8th one-act?

Ok, shower time.

Ooh, also I met this guy at the getty who actually asked me if i was an actor and gave me a number of a talent agent/developer who he wants me to meet with in L.A. one more contact. pretty cool.


Thursday, March 5, 2009

shorry kid, but its da indushtry, shee?

the day came. the day went. no call. Ive done enough detective work to make mr. holmes proud and although one can never be 100% sure till the rejection letter rolls around, i feel the towel needs to be thrown in. ouch. So, alright then, what now...

ya pick urself up, ya dust urself off, and start right over again... but not really-

cuz im not starting over at all, Im starting at the same place, just staring in a different direction. I tried for Grad school, I got some confirmation that I dont suck as an actor/interviewer, I sharpened some skill,' and now i'll take all that yummy, put it in my picnic basket, and skip off to LA to please grandma casting. And ya know what? I feel prepared. There are way too many people graduating from bfa's, mfa's, hell- phd's... who just have no clue where to go next professionally. And even if my headshots, resume's, websites and file folders are a crutch- fantastic! we actors are crippled and Im gunna need them. I will be successful. I will create. I will do it sooner than I had anticipated and no one should complain about that.

downsides? of course. that place was magical. A school, like a church, is just the four walls (even if those walls are older than our constitution), but what truly makes it- is the people. And Yale understood that completely. Im going to miss those people, that training, those connections... but fatalist or no fatalist- i feel like I will go down a path that maybe has a lil more snow on it (well, after this wkend, who knows which path has more snow) but It'll take me to the same place- artistic fulfillment.

on top of that i have a date. so thats good. Interesting how as soon as you dont need men in your life becasue all of your other priorities take precidence that things seem to just fall in your lap... wait... that sounds bad... you know what I mean. Oh god, Im making coffee.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


one more day till I know about Yale. I feel like today is an unusually important one. It is the last day that my future (or at least the next few years) is totally unknown. By tomorrow at this time, i will know so much about what path my life will go down. How close I'll be to my family, how close I'll be to the theater world, how close I'll be to the film/ television world, how... i dunno. I'm nervous as hell.

I just hope that no matter what happens i can pat myself on the back, say job well done, and move on in a new direction.

this is proof that i cared. (because I know if it doesnt work out I'll say i didnt.)

Ok, back to the website, gunna put up some new pictures and edit some flaws. Sometimes I wonder if anyone will ever even see it. Dumb, but true. I know thats exactly the attitude I need to avoid. ok, more to come- probably tomorrow. fingers and toes crossed...

lets do this.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Almost murdered at Yale.

I wake up yesterday while its still dark- something about that always messes with my mind. I get to the airport with plenty of time to buy a trashy romance novel (which by page 60 has produced no... um... romance, so quite the disappointment) and get on the plane. Only a 45 min. flight to L.A. But oh, the adventures...

I sat next to a millionaire (who I will allow to remain nameless, esp. considering I gave him my website)... This man apparently is a big contributor for Yale, and also has a, um, thing for younger women. He told me he'd get me into the school, but also told me I should spend a few weeks with him at his house in the Hamptons, or Buenos aires, or something...

My next flight I sat next to A film/TV Agent who represents Naomi Watts and was reading one of her new scripts during the flight. I was reading it over her shoulder. It was terrible. This woman was great- we both agreed 'The Reader' sucked, except for the boy. We both agreed that Leo was best in Departed, and we both knew when to shut up and read. God bless good plane partners.

When I got to New York, I had to wait an hour for my shuttle, and when he got there, I had gone back in for food. Had to run out and catch him, but the Jamaican driver forgave all when I offered him the rest of my cheese. I got to my hotel to find they had overbooked and were transferring me elsewhere. I decided to hold off on the cab ride and see a Yale cabaret show instead. Shannon picked me up and we walked over to the charming little theatre. I sat at a little table with Paula Vogel (How I learned to drive) and had a glass of wine and watched a real good piece of theatre. Zappleman was in it. He was hi-larious. Got a ride back to my first hotel to get a cab to the new one... this is when the shit really started to fly...

The receptionist called me a cab, said itd be here in 5 minutes... Then a stout, sweaty man with awkward facial hair comes in and calls me over to him, I inched closer, keeping at least 6 feet between myself and this specimen. He proceeds to tell me he's very wealthy is willing to offer me "copious amounts of money" to spend some "time" with him tonight. well, shit. Thats two in one day. I tell him I dont need his money, but thank you. To which he responds, "No, I mean COPIOUS AMOUNTS... just to come to my room and say hi to me." "Well, I'll say hi to you down here for free." Thus begins a 45 MINUTE effort to get this man to realize I will not be his call girl this evening. Thank you, Metro Taxi, for taking nearly an hour and trapping me in a lobby with an ex-priest that smells even more like shame than the booze he's clearly been knocking back for the last 3 hours. When the taxi shows up the freaky pimp has taken a brief trip to the restroom, and before we can pull out of the parking lot, priesty-boy has run out of the hotel and is knocking on my window to say goodbye. Oh, god. The last thing I see is the poor guy locked out of the hotel knocking on a window drunkenly to get back in. This is when i notice the cabbie...

Wearing nothing but a spaghetti strap tank top and b-ball shorts, this behemoth of a man, who was clearly an extra in Gladiator, starts driving. I notice he's attempting to enter something into his gps and failing. "Airehpord?" he asks. "No, not airport, premier suites? the hotel? I think they told u about it on the phone?" "Yes," says Hulk. He starts driving to a real dank part of town, and by this point its almost 2 am and im wondering if he knows where the hell he's going. Ignoring all the directions his british gps is spitting out, he take 3 u-turns and heads down a residential street. we get to an over pass and he starts slowing down, I can barely see out the window cuz its so dark and suddenly this man appears right next to the cab and starts to try to open my door. The driver turns to me and says "dis is yor friend...."

"No! This is not my friend. I dont know this guy. keep driving, man!" The driver thinks for a second, and starts to drive. what- the- hell. We get to a race track and he pulls in the parking lot and stops. I ask "Do you know where we are?" He looks at me and just says "Dont be scared." I proceed to tell him i have pepper spray in my pocket (well, i had a cellphone and some gum) and he should find my hotel very quickly. He pulls back out and starts down another road, i see a place that looks like the right name in the distance and tell him to go that direction, after passing it twice he stops at the wrong end of the hotel. I jump outta the cab like a bat out of hell and go to the lobby only to be told they didnt get the reservation from the other hotel, have to get papers faxed in, and I should wait for a while. While waiting , I look out the window and see the cabbie has since pulled to the front of the lobby and is staring at me. 5 minutes pass. 10. 15. He's still there. Finally I tell the 3am receptionist to get security and make the guy leave. Security equals a 300lb black woman covered in tattoos who I immediately wanted to be my best friend. She goes outside, I see her yelling at him, and a few minutes later he drives off. She tells me he argued and said he wasnt gunna leave, and that she thinks he was waiting to see what room i went to, so she decides to escort me through a back door so he won't see me. great.

I get to my room, (in the outdoor motel accessible to any and all murderers and rapists) check all the closets and try to sleep. 10 minutes later I hear footsteps outside my door. I grab a knife from the kitchenette and walk to the door, prepared to become Jessica Biel in any and all movie. I look out the peep hole... no one. I call security, they come to the room and say theyve called the cab company and they want to talk to me. I talk to the company and give them the drivers info. Guess what- no driver by that name.

I file a complaint, turn on pbs real loud and check all the locks. Fell asleep by four, checked out at noon, and am now safe in my bed in my original hotel typing to u fine people with just one thing to say after all this- I better get into this school.