Natasha Lloyd

Natasha Lloyd
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Monday, February 23, 2009

Seagull Closed!

its been quite the weekend.

Seagull closed with a bang, thats for sure. We got great reviews and sold out shows for the whole last weekend. I know im ready to say goodbye to the show. It will be nice to have some time int he evenings (well, for a week or two) and id be lying if i said there wasnt any, um, drama, within the castmates... but all of that aside- i dont htink im quire ready to let arkadina go yet. I really fell in love with this role.

I enjoyed the process of finding who she was, who she is, and loved performing her. I think she is soooo different from me, at the core- although at first i thought i could play her because of our similarities. Hahaa, i was so wrong.. . a 22 yr old girl is not a 43 yr old mother. And it takes a lot of time and discipline to even begin to imagine what all of that weight truly means.

I was so lucky to get merlin as my son. Hes a true artist, as are many fo the other cast members.

but now, i move forward- I have 3 days till i ship off to Yale to show em what Im made of. If they love me- great! I go to the number one grad school in the country. If they dont love me- Great! I start my career right away. I can do this.. whatever this is... i can do it.

Oh yeah, and boys suck, but thats for a different post, eh?

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