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Natasha Lloyd
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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Off To Yale?<-- question mark necessary

So in 16 short hours I'll be on ap lane on my way to New Haven. Im so excited about this callback. I'll be doing Voice, Movement, and Improv! (which really gets me stoked.)

I haven't packed, I probably should. No idea what to bring... no idea what to expect! Although pants and a jacket are probably a good idea. ooewjobferibg so excited!

So yesterday Michael Cassidy came to our class and did some readings/auditions with us. It... was ...awesome! This man is gorgeous, I mena, painfully gorgeous. And his wife is just as gorgeous. I went from meeting him and wanting him as my personal boy toy to wanting the two of them to live a long, wonderful life together within about an hour. Anyway, the audition process felt really good- I think I have a handle on how to enter/command a room. My confidence isnt the problem- though sometimes presenting myself the right way is. I need to find age appropriate, professional, but still flattering clothes. Seeing as I am one of the most tacky people I know.. this is difficult:) I also felt good about my readying, really focused, connected, but still def. in the moment and willing to play. This class is really makin me excited about the film/tv industry. Michael even said somethign that really stuck with me... He was talking about how Smallville films on 35mm and its so fun to act on comaera on that set because they get so close to your face that you literally use your "stage" training to assume that "camera" is the fourth wall... or the auditence... and how aware he is of those people watching him... its weird I know, but its a cool way of approaching an industry some people think isnt as exciting or rewarding as stage.

ok, back to the website.. Ive been building this thing every free hour Ive had for the past week... check it out... NatashaLloyd.Net

ok, off to New Haven, I'll keep u updated!

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