Natasha Lloyd

Natasha Lloyd
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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Blog Cold Reading

So I guess Im gunna try this thing for a while. When I first decided to get one of these, i truly thought it would be for 'others' ... a.k.a. my teacher told me to and itd be good for my website. But its unreal, within 15 seconds of typing I feel like Im gunna need this thing more than I thought. I already feel catharsis.

uh oh.. this could be fun.

So I just got home from my show. Seagull. Its a trip. Im exhausted. But I did a very bad thing and read a review that just got posted and it was good. Now i feel like that was less of a very bad thing. On the contrary I feel like its a very good thing. I needed that. bad. I also need some sleep. More on my blossoming career later.

hated that last sentence.

Im gunna have to get used to this thing~

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