Natasha Lloyd

Natasha Lloyd
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Monday, March 9, 2009

theater, agents, life.

so im back in the acting swing with auditions and callbacks, and tonight even more callbacks. For my last quarter/season here we're doing "La Ninera"- and it is what it sounds like- a latin play. yet somehow ive managed to get a few callbacks. Not feeling to confident about this one, folks. I want in, but its ok if it dont because ravet ball wrote one hellofa play i'd love to try out. and if that doesnt work out, who wouldnt want to do an 8th one-act?

Ok, shower time.

Ooh, also I met this guy at the getty who actually asked me if i was an actor and gave me a number of a talent agent/developer who he wants me to meet with in L.A. one more contact. pretty cool.


Thursday, March 5, 2009

shorry kid, but its da indushtry, shee?

the day came. the day went. no call. Ive done enough detective work to make mr. holmes proud and although one can never be 100% sure till the rejection letter rolls around, i feel the towel needs to be thrown in. ouch. So, alright then, what now...

ya pick urself up, ya dust urself off, and start right over again... but not really-

cuz im not starting over at all, Im starting at the same place, just staring in a different direction. I tried for Grad school, I got some confirmation that I dont suck as an actor/interviewer, I sharpened some skill,' and now i'll take all that yummy, put it in my picnic basket, and skip off to LA to please grandma casting. And ya know what? I feel prepared. There are way too many people graduating from bfa's, mfa's, hell- phd's... who just have no clue where to go next professionally. And even if my headshots, resume's, websites and file folders are a crutch- fantastic! we actors are crippled and Im gunna need them. I will be successful. I will create. I will do it sooner than I had anticipated and no one should complain about that.

downsides? of course. that place was magical. A school, like a church, is just the four walls (even if those walls are older than our constitution), but what truly makes it- is the people. And Yale understood that completely. Im going to miss those people, that training, those connections... but fatalist or no fatalist- i feel like I will go down a path that maybe has a lil more snow on it (well, after this wkend, who knows which path has more snow) but It'll take me to the same place- artistic fulfillment.

on top of that i have a date. so thats good. Interesting how as soon as you dont need men in your life becasue all of your other priorities take precidence that things seem to just fall in your lap... wait... that sounds bad... you know what I mean. Oh god, Im making coffee.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


one more day till I know about Yale. I feel like today is an unusually important one. It is the last day that my future (or at least the next few years) is totally unknown. By tomorrow at this time, i will know so much about what path my life will go down. How close I'll be to my family, how close I'll be to the theater world, how close I'll be to the film/ television world, how... i dunno. I'm nervous as hell.

I just hope that no matter what happens i can pat myself on the back, say job well done, and move on in a new direction.

this is proof that i cared. (because I know if it doesnt work out I'll say i didnt.)

Ok, back to the website, gunna put up some new pictures and edit some flaws. Sometimes I wonder if anyone will ever even see it. Dumb, but true. I know thats exactly the attitude I need to avoid. ok, more to come- probably tomorrow. fingers and toes crossed...

lets do this.