Natasha Lloyd

Natasha Lloyd
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Tuesday, March 3, 2009


one more day till I know about Yale. I feel like today is an unusually important one. It is the last day that my future (or at least the next few years) is totally unknown. By tomorrow at this time, i will know so much about what path my life will go down. How close I'll be to my family, how close I'll be to the theater world, how close I'll be to the film/ television world, how... i dunno. I'm nervous as hell.

I just hope that no matter what happens i can pat myself on the back, say job well done, and move on in a new direction.

this is proof that i cared. (because I know if it doesnt work out I'll say i didnt.)

Ok, back to the website, gunna put up some new pictures and edit some flaws. Sometimes I wonder if anyone will ever even see it. Dumb, but true. I know thats exactly the attitude I need to avoid. ok, more to come- probably tomorrow. fingers and toes crossed...

lets do this.

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  1. Crossing my fingers for you, lady! But either way, I am so proud.