Natasha Lloyd

Natasha Lloyd
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Monday, March 9, 2009

theater, agents, life.

so im back in the acting swing with auditions and callbacks, and tonight even more callbacks. For my last quarter/season here we're doing "La Ninera"- and it is what it sounds like- a latin play. yet somehow ive managed to get a few callbacks. Not feeling to confident about this one, folks. I want in, but its ok if it dont because ravet ball wrote one hellofa play i'd love to try out. and if that doesnt work out, who wouldnt want to do an 8th one-act?

Ok, shower time.

Ooh, also I met this guy at the getty who actually asked me if i was an actor and gave me a number of a talent agent/developer who he wants me to meet with in L.A. one more contact. pretty cool.


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