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Natasha Lloyd
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Sunday, June 21, 2009

When the smoke clears...


Ok, so I guess THAT happened.

So many people, not enough sunscreen...

But now that I have my coveted BFA (and I gotta say it felt awesome standing and receiving it with a whopping 16 people) its time to get this engine revved and on its way.

Step one - a showcasae.


Step two - Meetings.


So far I've been on five, Id say 3 or 4 have def. offered representation. Of course its the 1 that hasnt that gets me buggin, but thats human nature. I still have 3 more meetings next week, then I'll follow up on the ones that havent gotten back to me, then get some advice, then finish signing!

Step three - signing.


Well- half check. I have my commercial agent (who Im VERY excited about about. I need to decide on a good theatrical choice though, and my gut isnt pushing me as hard with this one. google time?)

Step four - Web stuff


Im now up and running on la casting, actors access and frontier casting. I need to get my casting now account going though. Oh- yes- and twitter. I joined yesterday. now whos the big winner?

Step five - organzing my business.


Just spent my grad money on 2 great audition outfits. SO hard not to wear them but they are hanging in my closet ever-so-patiently. Need goood audition bag, though. And new black flats! STILL dont have good personalized stationary for follow-ups/thank yous, and I need my 4x6's into KSR by the end of this week, which means I have 2 more days to order them off of reproductions. Sweet Jesus, this stuff adds up fast.

And least my cell phone bill is paid.

Oh yeah, and theater?


Auditioned for theatricians bnobrauchenbergamerica <-- spelling? last night, Felt good about it. Fun process, great food, real talented people. Would love to be in the show, but Id say I gotta 30% chance or so at this point. And thats ok, cuz Im probably doing another show, too! Jason Narvy gave me a call and asken me to play Margaret and an adaptation combining all of the Henry vi's. It would be rehearsed/performed in T.O. um, yes please? I'll keep u updated on that one, too.

SO I guess lifes pretty sweet right now. I always thought the week after I graduated college would be filled with pay-per-view, munchies, and a lot of soul-searching. But instead its been meetings, driving, and lotsa wondering. wait- does this mean im an actor now?

(runs to get morning coffee)

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  1. Oh my gosh Tash! Congrats on the meetings and agents and everything! So happy for you! I can't wait to see what you do! Keep us updated.