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Natasha Lloyd
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Thursday, July 16, 2009

I like this town

yesterday marked one month of being graduated. (i think...) im probably wrong.

anyway, I have now booked 2 commercials. The first was unpaid and speculative. The second is paid. and airing. and films tomorrow! I have booked 2 music videos (unfortunately could only film one cuz a shoot went over. But I got paid (well i might add) and Im a lead in it. and its a band i like... so look for it! the song is called "Beatbox" and its by The Sounds. I also got a lead in a play here in Hollywood and got a lead ina new indy that starts next week. I am also planning on meeting with producers for a hosting gig on the style channel (but Im debating that cuz of the buyout) and Im now officially part of 2 promo moeling groups that get paid to wear certain clothes and go to bars. this is a good thing. But Im not allowed to 1.- get drunk, or 2.- go home with anyone, or 3.- go to the bathroom without a buddy. lolz. I have yet to sign with a theatrical agent, cuz i honestly cant decide. and Im gunna give it a bit more time, cuz Im getting new headhsots in 9 days (for free! God Bless promo videos.)

Ok, I dont know who reads these things, but maybe one day I'll come back and look at it and be like... wow- good month, tash.

Oh yeah, and Ashton Kutcher is following me on twitter. still. Hes written me twice. That may be the coolest thing thats happened to me.

Im still waiting to hear about a pilot thats all improv. a la The Office. Hope that works out. Other than that Im stoked for my shoot tomorrow and to start rehearsing this wekend for my play!

Very Busy. Very fulfilled. Very Surprised. and thanks to today's dentist visit, very numb.

Over 'n Out.


  1. Tash. I read these things. I am sooooo happy for you. You deserve all the success in the world and I can't wait to see your name in lights... soon. Very soon. I believe in you and your life is an inspiration to me (:
    ps: the ashton kutcher thing is awesome. so many points.

  2. tash thats amazing, i know this is super late but I never got to read it..and Im so very proud of you! congrats!

  3. Hey! Just started a blog and I saw that you are into theatre. Well, I'm a canadian actor blogging about my life as a soon to be starving artist. Check it out if you're interested and let me know what you think.