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Natasha Lloyd
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Sunday, July 5, 2009


updates schmupdates. now i wanta cupcake.

so i filmed my first commercial. speculative only. but for a superbowl spot for - which is radical. Im filming 2 (count em) music videos on monday. one is a rap video in which i dance in a bikini- gotta love that college education. The second is awesome though. Its for a band i really like called the sounds. The song is "beatbox" and i get to beatbox in the intro and be one of a few actors throughout the video who "create the sounds" of the song... or something. either way im getting paid and its gunna be awesome. The just played letterman, and i think this song is gunna be pretty big cuz it is so freakin catchy. yes. also have two auditons for tuesday. wednesday is open but i might be disneylanding it on thurs, friends b-day on friday, and clubbing on sat. now all i need is the money for said adventures...

oh, and also very cool- im getting $550 headshots for free for doing a promo video for the photographer. well, techinically theyre 450, but the makeup is $100. Im so stoked, i just get to do the shoot with someone filming me then i get interviewd about working with the photographer. easy. as. pie. and i must say this woman is AWESOME. allow me to namedrop tracy birdsell to anyone looking for new shots.

also, i officially weigh the least i have in 6 years. holy crap. eating tons, but working out an hour a day. oddly enough- its one of my favorite parts of my day. and get this... i lost my mp3 player and have been doing it sans music for two weeks and im loving it. weird. sure do hope this phase doesnt pass me by. but in all reality ive been on this "excercise kick" since the end of february... so its been almost five months. damn. since summer of two years ago- I have lost 28lbs. aw hell yes. now i dont know if i spelled february right. how come this blog doesnt have spellcheck?

ya know whats weird. i dont miss school. like, maybe a teensy bit only. a few people, a few oppurtunities, a few places. but i mean, this freedom is AWESOME. My wings were so ready for flight. im loving meeting new people, exploring this city, being a professional actor. i even bought secondhand jeans on melrose two days ago. i mean, how official can i be...? ...someone please punch me for writing that.

ok, happy end-of-july-fourth everyone. im going to bed.

peace, love and twitter.

(and another punch)

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  1. Love and miss you, you gym-crawling, headshot-getting, beatboxing, Melrose-jeans-wearing woman. In Santa Babs in August, visit maybe?